Tiny Fascinations

In the last week I’ve become really fascinated by the idea of micro podcasting. I like the idea of doing something short and sweet, something that I can record and upload without a huge production. Now, it’s not like I have a subject matter idea, it’s more that the format itself is fascinating to me.

The one thing I’ve learned in six months of podcasting is that the back end is a pain. There is so much involved in recording, editing and uploading a podcast. I’m just shocked that nobody has streamlined the process yet. I’m looking forward to trying out fireside.fm (which is Dan Benjamin from 5by5’s new podcasting platform.) While it doesn’t sound like he’s fixed the major podcasting obstacles, I do believe fireside.fm may add some needed features and ease at lease some of the burden.

But back to this micro podcast idea. There’s an app called Anchor that I played with several months ago (which is basically the Instagram of audio.) It’s really easy to record and upload with, and the files are embeddable pretty much everywhere, but…my main issue with Anchor is that the record time is limited to two minutes. Is two minutes enough? When I find something to say can I even begin to do so in two minutes?

So many thoughts. So many questions. So many tiny fascinations. I guess I’ll just wait and see what becomes of this idea. I’m more than willing to give something time to develop itself.