3 Things I’d Like To See in Things 3 for iOS

  1. Tags tabbed at the top the way they are in Things for MacOS

    I like having my tags accessible in one tap. Currently, I have to tap the arrow button, then tap “Filter by Tags”, and then finally tap my tag.I realize that the space is smaller and can only comfortably fit 2 (maybe 3 tags).

    This could easily be fixed with the use of a swiped carousel without adding unneeded complexity to the UI. iThoughts for iOS uses this in their note menu (thought I think it would work much better here, than it does there.)

  2. I love the progress circle for projects, but I would love to see it instituted for checklist tasks as well. The current checklist icon that is used doesn’t really help in any way. It would be much better to be able to see progress on a checklist in a glance, no taps.
  3. Lastly, I really dig the ability to add a task in my today view to “This Evening,” putting it aside until later. I would like to see this feature expanded as an option for repeated items. I have several tasks that I do every evening, it would be really useful to have those automatically show up down there every day instead of having to do it manually every morning.

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