This week’s Random Badassery Episode

Episode 22: Don’t Give Up, Fail Forward

  • Why the episodes have been different lately
  • Reframing problems as challenges
  • the importance of understanding why we do things
  • dealing with failures & never giving up
  • the unrealistic expectations that we put on our friends & family
  • Letting go of shame, excuses & stories in our heads

Logo by Drew Roulette || Music by CRUELS

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2 thoughts on “This week’s Random Badassery Episode”

  1. Thanks for this podcast. It’s helping me get over my (bad) self and get down to the work. My biggest challenge, and maybe you can weigh in on this, is how do you know the best way to tell your story?


    1. Great question. This is definitely something I want to talk about on the podcast. Keep your ears open, Lam and I will chat about this in an upcoming episode. Thanks and keep pushing!


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