This week’s Random Badassery Episode

Episode 28: The Coen Brothers | Kids with Chemistry Sets
Lam & Chad talk about directors Joel & Ethan Coen.

  • Our thoughts on advertisements
  • The intimacy of audio
  • Making things without worrying about results
  • Working with the same people
  • Refreshing dialog scenes
  • Make what you want to see
  • What three Coen movies we'd tell people to watch
  • The chemistry of remixing components
  • Allusions & self-reference
  • The creative bravery of doing no research
  • Flexibility and meticulous detail
  • Creativity should be fun and joyful
  • Leaving room for other people's creativity
  • Putting projects on the shelf
  • Kill your darlings
  • The obstacle of art as therapy
  • Maintain a childlike state of mind

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