When blogs weren’t shit

Maybe it’s more fantasy than reality (we all tend to remember our yesterday’s more fondly the further away they get) but I remember a time when blogs were fucking cool and and weird and maybe a little subversive.

I’ve talked a lot of trash about blogging in the past. I’ve definitely said that I hate reading things online & that I don’t see why I should bother writing them there. But, my real problem is the way that blogs have changed; what they have become. They used to be short and sloppy and raw. People used to write about whatever they felt like day to day. It was personal and kinda chaotic.

I don’t remember the words “target audience” or “analytics” being thrown around. Everybody’s website was basic and nasty. They weren’t full of photos that had been edited in 5 different apps to look perfect. There weren’t listicles or meticulously designed Illustrator logos. And the writing–we didn’t call the writing “content,” “pieces,” “articles,” or whatever posh, pretentious words we use now. They were just things; amorphous blobs that people typed out in a fury and hit send before spell-checking. And they definitely weren’t scattered with inline links encouraging you to click out before the end of sentences and paragraphs. They were just mad blocks of text that you had to choke down or give up on.

I remember blogs being kinda punk rock.

Now, maybe it never was actually like this. Maybe I’m rewriting history a bit. But, I’m gonna run with it. I’m gonna pour a double shot of “how it used to be,” get real drunk on that fantasy and then vomit out little puddles of words. It’s gonna be ugly but I’m ready for some ugly. Aren’t you?