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A crime mystery thriller film- Forensic

A crime mystery thriller film- Forensic

The south industry makes it possible for mystery thriller movies that create an interest in watching it. The level of films that the South industry movies are creating are competing with Hollywood. Also, the level of acting which the stars forecast and the direction of the film, the background music in the movie, and the cinematography, everything seems perfect. In older days, not many people other than Regional people watched South industry’s movies. These days, not only people of India but also people from all over the world are watching these dubbed movies. The storyline which the movies have is the main reason for its popularity.

However, in the list of Great Murder Mystery Movies worth, your time is the film forensic.

Forensic, released on 28th February 2020. It is an Indian Malayalam-language crime mystery thriller film. Akhil Paul and Anas Khan are the directors of this movie. However, AjfarRehman has written this movie and was praised a lot by the viewers. Navis Xavier and Siju Mathew have produced the film. Jakes Bejoy has directed all the songs and background music. Akhil George has shocked everybody with his excellent cinematography skills. Tovino Thomas as Samuel John and Mamta Mohandas as Rithika Xavier, IPS are the lead roles in the film. However, the movie is 134 minutes long. This movie is for people who love to watch thriller movies online.

The movie does not disclose the name of the killer till the end. The story of the film is out of the league. The first part gives excellent thriller scenes. Also, the whole movie is very much engaging. The second half includes some turns and twists that will amaze the viewers. A combination of science and crime is there in the whole movie. IPS Rithika Xavier handles the case of a girl being kidnapped and murdered. John Samuel, a medico-legal adviser, helps Rithika in solving murder cases. They both solve the case that is interrelated to many other cases as well. The movie has a unique plot appreciated by the audience.

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