Episode 32: Confrontation of Fear http://ift.tt/2lWe3e3 Fear is the greatest enemy to creativity. What are you afraid of? What does it prevent you from doing? Where does fear live and how to we begin to defeat it? Thank you to everyone who contributed voice memos of your fear to this episode! Leave us a message […]

Episode 31: Hacking Creativity http://ift.tt/2xF0fZz What exactly is Hacker Dojo? A Silicon Valley secret and the perfect place to to begin expanding the ways we understand what creativity is and how it works. Find out what artist and technologists have in common and what they can learn from each other. Thank you to Terri, Diwakar, […]

Episode 30: Looking Back to Move Forward http://ift.tt/2wgAzju Lam & Chad look back on the original format of the show and all the lessons that they learned. As this podcast goes forward it's important to remember the past and to learn from it. This features sound from Random Badassery episode that are not available anywhere […]

Episode 29: Burn Your Ships http://ift.tt/2uQvfWH Using criticism to grow Defining What You Do Todoist label overload Overcoming everyday obstacles Sponsored By: Audible: Get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial. Over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player. Links: Salman Rushdie on Creativity and Criticism

Episode 28: The Coen Brothers | Kids with Chemistry Sets http://ift.tt/2vqXvh8 Lam & Chad talk about directors Joel & Ethan Coen. Our thoughts on advertisements The intimacy of audio Making things without worrying about results Working with the same people Refreshing dialog scenes Make what you want to see What three Coen movies we'd tell […]

Episode 27: The Power of Boredom http://ift.tt/2vqckBD Passivity communicates lack of care 
Not instantly knowing the answers leads to wonder Learning to be ok with boredom Questions your choice of reality Are you being truly productive or fooling yourself Give yourself time It’s ok to talk to yourself Ask yourself the right questions The two […]

Episode 26: Fight For a Future http://ift.tt/2v7ztYT Positive mindsets Looking forward with purpose Acknowledging where you make a difference Having trouble finishing books Discovering blindspots Logo by Drew Roulette || Music by CRUELS Our Subreddit || Support Us Links: Joe Rogan On Cults, Bullshit Artists, And Hypnotism Glory Daze The Catcher in the Rye by […]