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How to generate traffic and followers on Twitter

How to generate traffic and followers on Twitter

Many sites offer the ability to search large numbers of people interested in your keyword or topic. These websites are great at finding potential followers.

This site will find people talking about the same topics you are interested in. Although there are many sites and apps that can help you find people who are interested in your topic and connect with them, we found to be the most efficient, reliable, and easy to use. is very easy to use. My example will guide you through the setup process.

First, go to’s homepage.

Once you have landed on Blastfollow’s homepage, enter a keyword to describe your hobby in the box below Hashtag. If your hobby is baseball you could search for it using “baseball” as the keyword. Blastfollow will search for people tweeting the term “baseball” in their tweets. If you use this method, everyone you follow will be interested. After you have entered a keyword, click the “Get Users!” button. Click on the “Get Users!” button.

Blastfollow will tell you how many users have been found. New text boxes will be added below the original text. Next, you will be asked for your password and Twitter username. Once you’ve completed the information, click the “Blast” button.

Blastfollow will automatically follow all Twitter accounts tweeting about the keyword when you click on the “Blast” button. Many of these people will follow you because they share a common interest in your message and have something in common.

Blastfollow allows you to perform keyword searches as many times you wish. Make sure the keywords you choose are relevant to your hobbies or interests., a fully-automated application, will automatically follow other people tweeting about the topics you are interested. This is similar to Blastfollow. It is however slightly different in that, while Blastfollow searches for people manually, twollow automatically searches for people tweeting about your keyword.

Although Twollow won’t follow as many people at once as Blastfollow, it will still follow 5-10 new people every day and every day thereafter.

Twollow will continue searching for people who are active tweeting about keywords you have chosen as a hobby. It will work without your intervention. You can only change or expand your keywords by returning to Twollow.

Although the site was initially free, they now charge monthly fees. However, they offer a free four-day trial and no fees if you cancel within the four-day period.
Set up an account

Once you have arrived at the homepage, click the button indicated by the blue Arrow below. After you click on the button, you will be asked to enter your Twitter username. The next step is to enter your billing information. After entering your billing information, you will be taken to Twollo’s main site. Login is required on the left side.

Once you have signed in, you will be able to access your twollow welcome page. This screen has four sections. For your free trial, the second section will be the only one you need to focus on. This section is called “Keyword or Phrase” on your account homepage. You will want to leave “Follow”, as the option, in the first field. Select “up to 200” in the drop-down menu.

The next step is to add your Keywords. You can only choose one keyword techlogitic during the free trial. You can add additional keywords later if you decide to keep the account active. Here you will enter the hobby you are interested in for your Twitter account. Simply click the “Add” button after you have typed in your keyword.

NOTE: Twollow won’t find people tweeting about your topic when you first set up your keywords. You will need to wait a while before you can start following people using this program.

If your keyword appears under the Keyword/ Phrase title, it has been added. To ensure that your keyword is found by people, click the “Quick Run” button located right next to your keyword. Then, you can choose how many people you want following who are talking about the keyword. We recommend that you choose the largest number. It could be as high as 200.

It will run a test of your keyword and, if it works properly, it will search for people who are interested in it. You may wish to modify or update your keywords to reach more people in the future.

You can log in and modify your keywords if you wish. You should always ensure that your keywords are relevant to your Twitter hobby when you modify them.

You are now connecting with people who are tweeting keywords that are related to your hobby. This means that the people you follow share a common interest. It is possible to start building relationships on common ground. It’s not difficult to establish a relationship with people who share a common interest.