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Sniffing carts: Dog’s power to smell drug carts

Sniffing carts: Dog's power to smell drug carts

Because they have more olfactory receptors than dog breeds with short snouts, long-snouted dogs have an acute sense of smell. A German Shepherd is the most popular breed of drug dog utilised by authorities to find illegal substances. But can drug dogs smell disposables?

Training of drug dogs

Dogs trained to sniff out drugs undergo a rigorous training process. Trainers start out by playing with a scentless toy with a smelling dog. The sniffing dog is accustomed to using the toy and always looks for it.

The trainer now inserts strong drugs inside the toy. The dog comes to identify the toy with the smell of heavy drugs and begins to seek it out. The dog utilises its enhanced sense of smell to find the toy after trainers have hidden it in various locations. When the dog locates the toy, the trainer rewards it with a delectable treat. This creates a positive feedback loop with the dog, who repeatedly looks for the item to receive a reward.

Trained dogs and the ability to smell drug carts

Drug dogs can detect carts. But can drug dogs smell disposables? They are able to recognise vape pens and cartridges. Drug dogs are not taught how to locate vape juice, vape pens, or even vape cartridges themselves. Drug dogs are trained to detect THC, which is what sets off their olfactory senses in a vape cartridge.

The THC content in full-spectrum CBD vape cartridges is 0.3% or less, yet it’s still detectable by dogs. However, there is no need to be wary when using your vape pen in public or at home because CBD products, including vape cartridges, are 100 per cent legal under federal law.

Trained dogs and the ability to smell THC products

Dogs can be trained to find CBD by trainers. However, law enforcement doesn’t look for CBD because it is federally lawful to purchase CBD products. Dogs need to be trained to detect CBD products like CBD carts since they are legal, similar to how people use prescription medications and other health and wellness products to improve their well-being.

However, drug canines trained to detect marijuana will have difficulty telling marijuana from its less intoxicating and legally grown cousin, hemp. These canines cannot be untrained since police dogs are trained to detect THC in marijuana. Officers in drug enforcement can’t, sadly, teach an old dog new tricks.

Last words

Although CBD products are completely legal, many drug dogs can detect the presence of THC in vape juice from cartridges. THC in hemp-derived goods, such as the vape juice contained in vape cartridges, is present in microscopic levels, which drug-sniffing canines trained to identify THC in marijuana cannot distinguish from. Hence the drug dogs can smell disposables.