Who Am I?

I host & produce the creativity focused podcast Random Badassery.

I’ve written a few meager articles for Todoist, Doist, & even published a relatively unknown book of poetry.

I used to vlog daily, but I’ve now converted that channel into something for Random Badassery. (You can still watch the archive though and listen to my sloppy guitar playing in most of the episodes.)

I shamelessly stole inspiration for the simplistic structure of this website from Derek Sivers.

What am I Up To?

I’m working on getting the new format of the podcast working like a beautiful machine & part of that includes building a production team to help put together episodes.

I’m helping to manage the Monthly Creative Challenge & working on video ideas.

I’m writing a novel.

I’m really into 80’s video game culture, flimsy paper notebooks, Flaubert & The Orville right now.